martes, 10 de abril de 2007


During this course I received help from some very special mates who are Munky, Ramses y Josè, i thank them for being my friends and be funny.
This semester i worked a lot, professor Dorius never gets tired, with her smile made us work hard, like never before in an english course. Each and every single units were very interesting, the classes were very proactive; the idea of making a blog seems to me like a very nice work but very difficult. i'm going to keep studying english, i'll try to read as much as i can, magazines and stuff and i will chat through the internet with people all over the world, practicing this language which is very important to our personal life and proffesional career.

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Claudia Cristina experience in Brighton pt.2

Have you ever seen the colours in the sky?they're all fadding away
from blue to greyit's such a shame
and it's YOU can blame
In a moment I could see it
enjoying landscapes
I thanked God, for what I've got
but now is running out
Three little birds came and say
don't worry about a thing
I believed and so I did
but still the end I see
Yes, it's you the one who's guilty
stop complaining now
is your fault that we're not breathing
we made the chemical life.

Claudia Cristina experience in Brighton

As I was walking to school this morning, I thought about the time I have left here, one month. Time goes so fast. When I start to remember all the things I've done here, it feels like it was yesterday when it all happened. It's a mix of emotions, like happiness combined with a sweet melanconly. Now I'm understanding little by little how the mechanism of this process works.
It is the 14th of September and as I walk away from my parents knowing I'll be back in just six months, still deep inside it feels like forever. Time goes by in England as I get used to it. It's funny how things I feel like part of my routine, seemed so strange at the begginning. Is it a kind of a human anestesia to get so used to things so as not to suffer being so far from home? Well, leaving that to science, I still feel the same way.
I star to make a list in my mind about all the things I want to do before going back home, and I can't believe I haven't even gone to the Royal Pavilion. I don't know if I should laugh or worry..
Apart from my Brighton life, what about my home life? I still miss my family so much. I guess I won't find a balance in time. So little time for Brighton, but so much time for being without my family. It's like knowing someday I have to go back but "just give me five more minutes" or like eating a chocolate, knowing it will end in just a few seconds, but how great the taste is. Each day is like a bite of the chocolate, every day tastes better and I'm enjoying till the end.
At the end of this month I think I will say this was one of the best experiences I've had. The sensation of freedom, doing what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to, but without having responsabilities of working or worrying about too many things. It's just good.
Making friends from around the world, travelling to new places, discovering cultures, learning so many things and the list just goes on and on. To conclude, I guess I just have to say, enjoy your chocolate to the maximum.